Professor at UPMC (UPMC has become Sorbonne Université since 2018) since Sept. 2010, my teaching charge is >192h per academic year.

You can find some videos on oceanography (Bachelor level) I’ve prepared on my E-learning page.

I  am teaching from Licence 1 (Bachelor) to Master 2 and I am more particularly responsible of the following courses:

To Master 2 in Oceanography and Marine Environments and Erasmus Mundus in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation

To Master 1 in Oceanography and Marine Environments:

To Engineers in Earth Sciences (Polytech)

  • Chemical processes in the environment (5 ECTS, co-responsible with Céline Ridame).

To Bachelor 3 students in Earth Sciences

To Bachelor 1 students

  • Atelier de Recherche Encadrée « NUTREAU: Les nutriments dans les eaux continentales » (6 ECTS, co-responsible with Mathieu Sébilo) poster NUTREAU