This is a selection of outreach activities done by the main participants to MuSiCC and available via the Internet.

    Many more activities were done in primary schools, high schools, and at university.
  • « Journal d’une diatomée » (in French) designed by Ivia Closset in the framework of her visits to a primary school class (1st semester 2015). This action has been organised under the umbrella of the Association of Polar Early Career ScientDiscussion2ists (APECS-France) in the framework of the project “Les savanturiers des glaces”.Discussion1
  • Web interview of Damien Cardinal on his research activities on diatoms (in French, 2014, on UPMC website, not available anymore).
  • Blog article by Damien Cardinal during the Dutch Mediterranean Black Sea GEOTRACES cruise (August 2013) (not available anymore)