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e-CaIPSuL is a project funded by Labex IPSL and EUR Climate Graduate School – IPSL (2017-2019) to make similar videos as the one on oceanography of e-marin’lab (cf. below) for the other themes studied at Institut Pierre-Simon Laplace.

These videos have been finalised in 2019 and are now published with open access on the new IPSL video channel on canal-u tv

More specifically you can find

videos on the following themes:

En français : Océan,  Climat, Paleoclimat, Atmosphère,

In English: Climate, Paleoclimate, Atmosphere,  Ocean

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I participated to the e-marin’ lab project funded by Sorbonne University in which I coordinated the make-up of 12 short videos as Small Private Online Courses « Introduction to oceanography » for undergraduate students.

These videos are available in French here or there

Since 2019, they are available in English here

Below you’ll find the ones I’ve shot.

Caractéristiques générales de l’Océan (26′ en fr.)

Dans ce diaporama audio vous seront présentées les principales caractéristiques de l’océan: géographie, température, salinité (origine des sels dissous, variations spatiales), densité, stratification (thermoclines permanente et saisonnière, couche de mélange et convection hivernale).

General characteristics of the ocean (26′ in eng.)

In this animated audio diaporama the main characteristics of the ocean are presented: geography, temperature, salinity (origin of dissolved salts, spatial variability), density, stratification (permanent and seasonal thermoclines, mixed layer, winter convection).

Le Gulf Stream et la circulation superficielle (5′, en fr.)

Cette courte vidéo de type « Small Private Online Course » vous présente les principales caractéristiques de la circulation océanique de surface en partant de l’exemple du Gulf Stream et de l’Atlantique nord

Gulf Stream & surface circulation (5′ v. eng.)

This Small Private Online Course video will introduce the main characteristics of the ocean’s surface circulation based on the example of the Gulf Stream and North Atlantic

Le couplage physique – biologie dans l’océan (6′ en fr.)

Cette courte vidéo de type « Small Private Online Course »  vous explique comment la physique de l’océan impacte la biologie et les écosystèmes marins

Bio-physical coupling (6′ v. eng.)

This Small Private Online Course video will explain how ocean’s physics impacts marine biology and ecosystems